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showcase 66

New Member
As I wait for my family to arrive on their flight they so nicely decided to opt for the next flight to get a bump to first class or free round trip, I am now waiting for another 2 hours until their flight lands in Vegas. I took my cousin with me but he is only 20. Good for me since now I have a DD. Went to my wifes cousins house who is as big of a beer connoisseur as I am.

So he brings out a bunch of his Dogfish Head beer out of his beer fridge for us to drink. My cousin is pissed because I wont let him drink with us.

So far we have had the 120 IPA, Faithful Ale, and Black & Blue. Black & Blue was interesting. Had a blueberry after tone to it. Pretty good.

I like to try all kinds of beers. Some I really like, some I will drink again and some I will never drink again.

I have in my home office (the last time I counted) 168 different beer bottles on the wall that I have tried. The ones I really like in the front and so on. I do how ever keep the St. Pauli girl in front to remind me never to drink that again.

Curious to know what types of beer everyone likes to drink excluding the typical American beers. (coors, miller, bud, etc.)

Looking for more try in the near future.


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@gvp exotics aside, guiness extra stout is the only real beer that you can get just about anywhere.


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I'm a fan of Two Brothers Brewery. We are suppose to get a new craft brewery here in my home town call Misfit I'm excited for a new beer to taste.

Pat Whatley

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Shiner Bock
Freckle Belly IPA
Naked Pig
Fat Tire

Something I've learned over time....there are great microbrewed beers and there are horrible microbrewed beers.....there is no middle ground.

Wiggum PI

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Guinness - god bless the Irish.
Irelands version of vegemite...

Im a lager/draught sorta guy but will try any known beer(my brother got me a beer encyclopedia for my bday years go, were about half way through), but as a regular beer I've been on Cantina out of El Salvador for about 3 years now, its a great all rounder for me.


P.S. homebrew's allways better.


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There's tons of micro's around here that sell in the local stores, Wegmans has the best selection. I agree with Pat, there is no middle ground. The closest I ever get to a commercial brand is Sam Adams, there's Noble Pils and Summer Ale in the fridge now along with a few bottles of Long Trail Ale from Vermont.