Best Digital Media for glass?


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Hello i have a print/cut job to do that's being applied to a glass door.

what would you advise that i use? Its not a simple circle/ has some lettering and some semi intricate shapes that are being contour cut.

i have 3651RA/210 set up but was worried about its overall thickness.

i think i have enough 3M IJ180/8519 left over from my sample rolls to do it as well...but don't know if that's overkill for a window application?

thanks for any and all advice,



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Sometimes it becomes as simple as if the window cleaner [person] has a problem, then possibly you have to explain to the customer that you can't use the particular technique or method you had first intended.

Many a window jobs have been turned into single layer cast jobs because of squeegees pulling or picking at the thick laminated media and upsetting the customer. Years of experience have set this condition in motion.


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yeah, i get that Gino...for sure. i want it to look good and not be prone to failure. I've used that oracal combination myself all over the place, just not on a glass door.

its 4-5 spot colors, so i'd hate to quote it in cast cut vinyl...ugh.

so if anyone has had good luck with any or all combinations in this application please let me know! thanks!