Best flatbed under $100k Used



I'm looking for a used or new flatbed under $100k. Just wondering whats out there.

I looking to to run typical flatbed materials such as Coroplast, Sintra, dibond, aluminums, etc.



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I have a colorspan 72uvr for sale after April 20. Excellent condition, well maintained, nice machine. Will include postershop and pc rip station so the machine will be ready to go and make the new owner money! Can have the dealer prep for transport.

pm for more details


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Gerber Solara is less than that new. I think in the 60K range? Saw one run, only downfall is it's a touch slow.


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We have been looking at the new Ion, about 70K plus another 10K for set up, frt ect. with lease payments in the $1800 month range. Last I was told expect shipping to start in June.


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you know, thanks to this board I've passed on the 9840 as our upgrade path. It's sad, because our colorspan 72uvr has been very good to us. I guess they just could not get the scaling right from the 72 to the 98. There are 98 users out there with no issues, but the ones with issues have major issues, sadly going unresolved. I'm not sure how and HP badge is going to fix that, and such I'm passing on the 9840 or whatever HP is now calling it.


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Yes its 80k when you get all you have to have to go with it, the seller just broke it down for me, no matter how you cut it it is 80K.
Another flatbed printer to consider under 100k is the Teckwin, I know they have two sizes dont remember what they are but Naz-dar is one of there distributors. Also the Mutoh flatbed is 40-54k.
I've been reading up on flatbeds for weeks. I def. want to make it my next investment. good thing I signed up to this forum though, cause I almost bought the

I was looking into spending the same amount too, but not used, new.

it was either the designjet h45000 (not anymore)
or the gerber ion.

is there a machine I may have overlooked?

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I think this is the first time I have seen a GUEST post, and there is no location info? is this new?

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