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What's the best no parking sign you've done? I meant to post this one we did a few weeks ago to replace an badly aging one...


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We made a parking sign a couple years ago that said something along the lines of "No parking - This is not a drop-off zone, unattended children will be eaten" or something like that.

Customer had lazy soccer moms dropping off their kids in his private lot every day, and got fed up. He had a funny sense of humor and the whole thing was (obviously) a joke, but it made the news and everything. Karens all over town were quite upset about it. We ended up taking it down so Karen wouldn't get upset when she continued to use his lot for drop-offs, and replaced it with the usual "you will get towed" sign.

Good times. :roflmao:


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We've done several variations, but the bottom line always reads something like....... Violators Will Be Shot.

I made one for my dad about 40 years ago with a guy smoking a pipe letting his dog make a poo-poo with a quivering pile of sh!t. Had a big red no NO circle with a line through it and at the bottom it said. Person will be shot. Not quite sure how I worded that one.


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Ah that reminds me... here is a no-trespass signs we made last summer. After reading it, I laughed all day. too funny.


  • Tessy no trespassing.pdf
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That tessy no tresspassing.pdf was one of the worse signs I have witnessed in awhile. That shows you will print anything a customer wants.


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yes, it's a horrible eyesore, but did you actually read it? I know it hurts your eyes, but my stomach hurt from laughing.