Suggestions Best paint or coating to laser away


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Hey guys,
I’m reaching all the laser experts to know what has been your favorite coating/paint to laser etch. I have done anodized aluminum and even painted aluminum but wondered if there is a really good paint to laser etch (ablate away). I don’t want to mark it like Cermark does, I want to laser away the coating to create a design or picture. I would like to use a matte color paint but didn’t know if krylon or rustoleum is the best or if there is a perfect paint for the job. I appreciate your input!

Greg Kelm

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I don't know what your intended use is, but I'd powder coat then laser. Lots of videos of people doing this on youtube.
Your answer is "what paint will stick to the substrate?"
Because ablating it away is not the problem, but making sure the stuff left behind does not fall off in use.
Metal primers, wood primers... do your homework.
Krylon is a very specific chemical concoction, made to have superior properties in certain fields.
Rustoleum is great - but look in to what it sticks to and what it does not, or how to make it stick better. It's an entirely different product from Krylon.

Use the wrong paint and it'll flake off just as the customer gets it home...