Best printer for doing custom stickers and banners?


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:signs101: Hey!

So i am now ready to step up from doing decals for past 2 years, and business is great. Now i am looking for best solution and best quality o make custom full color stickers. Please guide me to the right machine, because i realized there is so many of them.
I mostly looking to print/kiss cut and couture cut type of stickers and some banners/poster as the business progress. So solvent ink printer is a must.
Also i am planing do 80% of laminate, so now its ether Roland print/cut machine or get some sort of printer and graphitec 7000?
Let me know your experience of printing stickers.


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My advice is have a search through this site as everyone either loves or hates the machine they have got.
Then you can make your decision based on these facts.



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couture cut type of stickers

Celebrities LOVE these!

Every machine sucks and ink is crazy expensive. Sell all your stuff and go find a job... you will have alot more money next year if you do that.