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Best Software for the Versacamm


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I wonder what might be the best software for the Roland VersaCamm?, since there are so many in the market, thank you for your opinions.
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Fred Weiss

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The Versacamm comes with some basic RIP software from Roland and, from what I understand, is primarily designed to interface with either Coreldraw or Adobe Illustrator.


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my vote is for Wasatch

[font=&quot]I have tried several rip software (IE. Flexi Sign PRO, Onyx, Shiraz, Wasatch (The Full Version of Color Rip) Color Rip 2.0, 21, 2.2. So far I like Wasatch the best. Easy to use, very powerful. Flexi takes to long and the colors come out dirty looking, Onyx just frustrated the heck out of me, Shiraz was a complete joke and a total waist of time![/font]


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Colorip 2.x works well with the Versacamm. Basically, if you can export to EPS (and define a color as "CutPath") you can use any vector program. I use CorelDraw 11 although Colorip doesn't care what program the design was created in. They are basically two stand alone programs. Design, apply the "CutPath" outline, Export to EPS, Open in Colorip, Print, (or Print/Cut, Print/Laminate/Cut).

Maybe I'm just lucky but the colors in CorelDraw/On Screen are remarkably similar to what prints out with no "Professional" calibration.


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I use Flexi Pro 7.5v5 and ROLAND COLORIP 2.1, 2.2 on a daily basis and I must say, the colorip rips faster and usually gives better color. The profiles within the Wasatch OEM (Roland COLORIP) seem to be dialed in better than that of the Flexi RIP. Flexi has had many issues with its RIP Engine over the past few years but the 7.5v5 is an improvement. Hopefully 8 will include better color profile capabilities and better drivers.


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I guess I should have specified that Colorip is the program that comes with the Versacamm. I didn't make that clear in my post above.


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I use Corel 12 and export as eps then just rip it with the software that came with the versa. It comes out good. I also used flexi but the colors come out looking ugly. I think the software it came with is very good all you need is corel or adobe and you'll be good to go.

Stafford Cox

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I am all about Shiraz RIP in its various forms but to be perfectly honest, it's not the best RIP for a Versacamm. There was very little done in the way of profiling so you would need to set that up yourself or spend more money on getting somebody to do it for you. The driver, however, is very good and will give you a very good and economical result due to the ink limiting. It is far from being an 'off the shelf' RIP for the Versacamm though.

Good luck


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VersaWorks with essentially.... anything. You just have to get used to what your settings and then it's a piece of cake. An easier program I think does not exist.

How did I fall into Yoda speech ??​
veraworks with adobe(illustrator) for me to.......haven't had any problems with it yet(touch wood)...

like how it all works together and you can adjust stuff real easy....