Best vinyl to stick to Gatorboard?


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Hey all,
I have been contracted to do some work for a movie filming locally and have a request from them to do some mock artwork printed and then mounted to gatorboard. I would typically use 3651 or something of the like as that is what I really like to use and we always have. Funny thing is only needs to last a couple of days.

Any other suggestions?



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You could go with the cheaper 3640 if it's only going to be a few days... but I've seen it shrink up pretty fast under hot lights... I think 3651 is appropriate


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3651 is fine... I usually run around the perimeter with a roller (Speedpress brand) to put a little extra seal on the edges but not too much or it can crush the gator.


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Wanna play it safe ?? Paint about a two inch band around the entire perimeter of the gator. When dry, apply your vinyl. It will stick to the paint far better then the unpainted gator.


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I like Ultra board better

I switched to Ultra Board. It has a styrene face instead of the paper that Gator has. It also cuts super easy and clean with a razor knife. Glantz and Grimco carry it.