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Big G

G Man

New Member
My day job is in the print business doing old school film stripping and running a misomex step and repeat machine for a label print Co.
When I get home I throw myself into my side job making signs. I stumbled onto this site while searching for fonts and kept coming back because there was so much useful information.
Thank you for letting me become a part of the group.
Big G


Just Me
Welcome G man - wow - if you are running the step and repeat (I didn't know anyone was still using them) your shop must not have updated equipment in years!! Haven't had to strip film in forever...


New Member
Hi G man at least you will know how to get the job out when the computer goes berserk. Welcome aboard, hope you enjoy the ride.

Arlo Kalon 2.0

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G Man said:
When I get home I throw myself into my side job making signs.

Sounds like you have the right amount of passion for this trade! Good luck & Welcome! Good to have new people like you aboard.