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Biggest dang lobby sign I've ever done


I sell signage and signage accessories.
SO had a customer wanting to cover up the previous tenant's sign... which happened to be waterjet cut granite letters inset into more granite, on an inset wall ~51" x 160". Customer didnt want to lose the granite, and wanted to show it as a "frame" around a sign hung onto the granite.

Couldn't skin it in one piece, so made the seams into a design element, 2" deep and 1/2" across. Spaced them around the logo and company name.

Customer also wanted halo illumination on the rear of the sign, lighting the granite. We ran RGB LEDS around the outer edge of a 2" angle which is set back from the edge of the sign. (I would have liked to use a diffuser, but cost was becoming an issue. We still got $3000 more than their named budget.)

Sign was hung on a custom steel cleat, 100", using a 1.5" square tube and a piece of angle. We bolted it through the granite, through the backing plywood, and used 6x mollys rated at 150 lbs., each. The sign came with 5x 2" angles reversed to fit the cleat.

PS... IF you're ever drilling granite, do yourself the favor of getting Milwaukee Diamond hole saw bits. They are incredible.

Total weight - 135 pounds, 40 lbs for cleat.
Total size - 43" x 152", 4" granite trim all the way around.


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I sell signage and signage accessories.
The work you did is so nice it's unfortunate their logo/font choice doesn't do it justice IMO.

Originally, the 4 stripes (1/2" black acrylic) were going to be stud and halo lit as well. I had recommended they take it down to 3 so we could fit stud mounts, but no joy. Coulda been better.

Still like it.


I sell signage and signage accessories.
Looks great! I was going to say something about a diffuser until I actually got to reading the post. Can I ask who's RGB LED's you went with? I've been waiting for a more reputable brand to start making them for signage, but best I've seen were from Principal.

Hanley, and I gotta say they're pretty bright.