Black Banding Roland SP 540


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Hello, I am hoping to find a solution to the banding issues I've been having recently. When I print on vinyl on the Standard quality settings in Versa Works, there is banding on the darker colors, especially black. If I print in High Quality, however, the problem goes away and there is no banding at all. I attached a picture of the test print I just did, and as you can see, the black is not even at all. Can anyone tell me why this would happen? I don't want to have to print in high quality all the time because of time and cost issues. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Roland will tell you that it's a damaged print head caused from head strikes, I believe it is an issue caused by the black ink drying up in the nozzles of the print head. Mine looks identical to that as many other Roland users have experienced the same issue. Mine started of with just a few nozzles being deflected and gradually grew worse over time. Now it's either $800 bucks for a new print head or continue to print most everything in high quality print mode, this really sucks and I've never heard an acceptable/reasonable answer as to why this only happens with the black ink on these machines. :banghead: