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Black in Photoshop not so much in Flexi??

Mark L

New Member
I am creating a file in Photoshop cs with a black background
and saving as a tiff, but when I print to my mimaki the black
isn't as black as I would like.
I'm using flexi 7
Does anyone suggest the best black color (cmyk) %
My profile matches my material and I'm using 180c
It seems to do it on this material the most?
Thanks in advance.


New Member
Convert it to RGB .. You'l get a much richer black. CMYK blacks always look dark grayish and grainy (for me that is :Cool 2: )

Mike Paul

Super Active Member
Are you exporting a cmyk tiff or rgb tiff from Photoshop?
If it's cmyk boost the cmy up between 25-75% w/ 100k and see how it prints.


New Member
Yeah ... Sorry, my post was not correct. Like Barry says .. RGB 0-0-0. Converting your black cmyk to rgb will not give you 0-0-0.

Mark L

New Member

Thanks for the reply's guys
I thought I had to use cmyk (being that the printer) so what
happens does the converting happen in the rip??
This forum rules I get more questions answered here then
Thanks again


New Member
just make sure your black in photoshop is

That'll give you true black when you print. you migth want to check it in your RIP to make sure your profile didn't change the values.


New Member
I use Flexi's RIP, also. I prefer to work in the Adobe RGB color space in Photoshop and export as a tiff with the ICC profile imbedded.

Mark L

New Member
Thanks again

Thanks again for your imput. I had my supplier send me their profile
and I'm going to try some tests.
My thought is create squares of black color in photoshop and export as tiff to flexi and run some test on the 180c
Does this make sense?, I want to be able to tell anyone who orders from me what black color parameters work.