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I am having a problem with my SP540. When performing a test print the black does not print properly at all. I have tried all cleaning methods including soaking the head for serveral hours by filling the capping stations with cleaning fluid. I have included a picture of my test print. The printer does not get used on a daily basis, but regularly. I'm not sure if the head needs to be replaced or not. The printer is cleaned regularly and is just over a year old. If anyone has seen this problem before it sure would be appreciated if you could share your thoughts?



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I was hoping that was not the case, but had a pretty good feeling that is what it may be. I had tried to contact Roland tech support all day and have had no luck. Have a local third party tech coming to look at it tomorrow.

Only 2 months past warranty, have to see if Roland will help out.


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What kills the heads so fast? It sounds like Pineguy2 is not using it very much and keeping up the maintenance.


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that is why I just paid for a 1 year extension on my Roland warranty! It looks like a bad head if the head soak didnt work, sorry to say. No extended warranty for you though or is it still under the original 1 year (very close to the date that is)?...if it is close, Im not sure but you might be able to talk with your local Roland rep for a deal of some kind.

Good luck. FYI - I manually clean mine once a week and have it running about every other day...not sure of how often you would clean yours...


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My head on my roland before I sold it was looking just like that... Almost. Techinician came in with a syringe under the capping station, pulled it with some force, and WALAA!!! Head back. It was clogged. I would try this before you go and replace the head. I guess it depends also how long you have had it.


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Head was replaced

The head turned out bad, the service tech tried the syringe thing and that did not work either. I did contact Roland Service center and talked to a technician and she indicated that the black head has problems with these printers. I have to talk to the Roland Rep yet to see if they will cover some, printer was just off warranty a couple months with not much use, regular but not excessive. I'm kinda of frustrated that such a thing like this would happen, but it is the only problem I had and will still cost less than the extra year warranty would have cost.

I have learned lots from the experience, I now have the service manual and helped the tech with repairs so I think I could handle pretty much any other fix with this machine, they are not that complicated once you rip them apart.