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Suggestions Bordeaux or Nutec

Alan Menhennet

New Member

I have a Mimaki CJ30-160 (2012 Model). We have been using Nazdar ink without any problems. Our supplier does not stock them anymore and now offer Bordeaux at the same price. What would be the better option, going for Bordeaux or Nutec (from an alternative supplier) with regards to looking after the printhead.

Joe House

Sign Equipment Technician
Nutec is made right in your neighborhood. I don't have any experience with their Mimaki line, but I'm sure it's as good as the others that I've tried. They have a long history in making inks and are actually OEM ink suppliers for some big name printers. I don't think you can go wrong with Nutec


I have used both in my machine and the colors and output have been equal. I currently am using Bordeaux in a bulk system and having great results. I will say that the Bordeaux is cheaper and available in amazon for $65 per liter or $48 for the cartridge. The seller Has been very quick to ship and I get the product sooner than amazon expects. The only thing about Nutec that irritates me is that I was buying the 500ml cartridges and found that when the chip says the cartridge is empty, if I open it up, the ink bag still has a significant amount of ink left that I suspect is 60ml of ink and that I’m only getting 440 ink out of it due to the chip. I haven’t confirmed this but it has been consistent over 20+ units. If that’s the case, it irritates me that they advertise a 500ml cart and I only get 440 out of it and throw the rest away.