Bought my First Fonts.

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Been practicing making mock signs using the fonts that come on your PC and added a few of the free fonts from sites.

Doing more research here and reading some books I started to realize that alot of those "free" fonts are legally only good for personal use, and to use Commercially alot had stipulations you had to pay.

I do see the Value in buying fonts as your work can't easily be replicated by every Tom Dick & Harry with a cheap cutter working at home as only a Hobby. If a client takes your work to someone else they will at least have to go Buy the fonts to recreate it.

I read and heard alot of good things about Steves Fonts at Signfonts, so today I called him and bought his Signfonts 33 Package and the Truckin Fonts.

Great guy to work with, Thank you very much Steve! (BTW, sorry about my goof on giving you the wrong email addy, luckily it just bounced back to you and no one got fonts for free.)

I either flip through the yellow pages and pick any business at random and just create some things from their ad or I go out and take my digital camera and find small businesses that have old peeling faded or even posterboard and magic marker signs and take pics and start creating something Better. Still just practicing.

But I am learning alot as I read here and the books I have bought.

The practice helps me learn without a dead line, so I can do and do over and over until I like what I have done.

I found a small older strip mall of 6 businesses near me, a small bike shop, tax place, dog groomer, cleaners, used book store, and a small chinese take out place, all have been there for Years, and all 6 have peeling cracked painted and or vinyl lettering, faded painted signage that are 2"x6" hung not lighted, and a couple have badly faded lighted signs.

I went and took pics of the overall strip mall and each store, close ups and a few steps back just showcasing their store only in the pics.

I have just started to work on the bike shops windows and will do up each store for practice.

I'll post pics for review after I get them all dolled up and see what you think. Before and mocked up afters.

Now I know that Fonts don't make you a Sign Maker, but I am sure Steves fonts will make me better than the guy down the road using Comic Sans.

Again Thanks Steve, I can't wait to get started applying some of these quality sign fonts in my designs.:thankyou:


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I have Steve's 33 font package and just love it.

You are going to really enjoy working with them.

I have my eye on the new Truckin font, that looks like my next selection.


Fonts, an art form on their own, in combination with color, shape, composition, are the minimal sum of any great sign design!

There's a lot more to a sign than mere letters stuck on a board!!! You can quote me on that.


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I have had my eye on the 33 package for a bit...Think I'm gonna go for it...They really are nice fonts...

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Thanks guys, I do believe these are gonna help me, will they make me the Michelangelo of sign makers, not overnight. But you just never know.:toasting:

I think using fonts meant to be used for signs is a good place to start.

I like the look flow and feel these fonts lend to a signs style.

Heck I could have fell in love with the old Comic sans and started using it on everything, but I have learned to stay away from it as it has been used to death.

I agree with you SignManiac, thats why I said "Now I know that Fonts don't make you a Sign Maker, but I am sure Steves fonts will make me better than the guy down the road using Comic Sans."

Anything you do in life has to be Learned, and thats what I am doing, Learning. Everyday.:thumb:

Thanks for that link royster13. :thankyou:

rgaskins, they are nice, and if they fit in with your style by all means Invest in them.

I feel pretty pleased with my Investment.
I think Steves fonts will help me make more money overall.



Steve has some great fonts, I have most of them. Now go take a look at

A bit pricier but worth every penny! Be careful grasshopper as fonts can become a serious addiction!

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Thanks SignManiac,

I have been to their site before, and plan on buying some in the future, I have them in my Favorites list. I can easily see myself buying the any 5 for 169, but hard to choose just 5.

I'll work with Steves for awhile and see what I want/need in the future.

I can see Quality fonts becoming addictive.

And also a way to set you apart from the average crowd.

Steve C.

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Thanks Scott, I do hope you will enjoy your new fonts. Learning when and
where to use them is just as important as having unique fonts. I agree with
signmaniac that letterheadfonts is a great source for more fonts as well as
sign DNA and others. Chuck Davis, Tom Kennedy, John Studden, Arthur
Vanson and others are great typographers and a source
of inspiration to me constantly.