Bronze dedication plaque. RightNOW!


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Got a few feelers out there but figure I'd poll the s101 crowd.
Decision weighing heavily on my mind to decide in the a.m.:

2' x 18" Bronze dedication plaque with 1/4" lettering hoping to go up in a week. Realistic timeline to outsource & make it to my doorstep by then? Or should I be tracking down a sheet to do myself, with a router already working beyond overtime? (and 12hr days on my end, as well)


We outsourse those. The company has a two week lead time after the client accepts the proof. No exceptions.

They will knock a replica out of foam and get it to us in a couple of days with a rush charge if the client absolutely has to have something for an event. They look just like real deal, only alot lighter.


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From past experience, typical lead time is usually six weeks, and "rush" is two weeks with a 50% (or more) additional fee.



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O heck yeah. Never thought to do a foam version to bridge the void. Thanks!
If anything, router time still being an issue, I might just mask/paint an aluminum panel with metallics/texture. Would be nice to keep this in-house as originally planned.


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oh but of course! Who knew this dedication was coming up? We have done some for the state parks and the state. talk about a group of unorganized bafoons! We have routed pvc to "hold" them over because its our fault we cant get Gemini to get us one in a week

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