Buick Lasabre Wrap?


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believe i or not i have a customer who wants to wrap her 95 Lasabre. Obviously i could not find a template for it. Unfortunately i don't know what other similar cars to search for in order to get an idea on square footage. If we do the job then of course i'll be measuring her car but she just wants to get a ballpark figure and i didn't want to make her drive 45 minutes to get measurements. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

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a junkyard, in case you cannot find that gem at a used car dealership

A Grand Prix or Bonneville are all about the same size and I think built on the same platform
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Make her drive 45 minutes. That's a good way to prequalify someone for a job like that. If they're just price fishing you'll know it, she won't come. If she's seriously interested, she'll come.

Or you could just find a local car lot with one and go measure it there in the evening after they're closed, I've done that a million times.