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Business Names??

Hey there everyone, my name is chad and i'm looking at getting into the vinyl business here in minnesota. I own another company and one of my workers there worked for two other sign companies in the area, so we have someone to help me get started. I just wanted to say hi, and also ask for some company name ideas... thanks chad:thankyou:


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Hi, Welcome...

How about "Acme Signs".... LOL

Just keep it simple and to the point! do not name it after and animal! (ask flame about things named after an animals... LOL!)

Don't go the way of the super, fast, quick, now, in a day, by tomorrow, or signs before you order them crap either.

If you have a cool sir name then use it! That's my 2¢ any way

Good luck!

Fred Weiss

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Welcome to our boards.

In addition to Derf's suggestions I would add for names not to use:

Signs and Designs
Vital Signs
Budget Signs
Economy Signs
Your First Name Signs
Your Last Name Signs

I think the best names simply present a pleasant and professional image and don't lock you into any particular narrow area or make it too personalized to sell down the road.


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Before you settle on a name, pretend practice out loud answering the phone using it. It may look good on paper, but it should also sound good, or at least not make you trip verbally over it.


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Welcome from PA.

Whatever name you choose, you should check with your state and make sure it isn't already registered and see if you can use the name legally.

Joseph Dunkle

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I would recommend going to godaddy . com after you get a list of names and look for the names that the .coms are available

Craig Sjoquist

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WELCOME to this great forum..and the business of advertising with signage.....being from Minn. myself and miss being there, curious what part, .. I always liked driving around and visting towns and back roads, ..ppl are so neighborly, and have good education, work hard, well recieved around the country, anyway my opinon if it's positive it will work...THANK YOU & ENJOY LIFE


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Sign One,

Thanks, I'm pretty fond of it myself. :)

So far, there's only two I'm aware of; me and a guy in California.


If you like it, by all means, use it!



Timothy Davis

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Make sure you don't have an email address so complicated that no one can get it right when you give it out over the phone.

we have sales @grafix-n-motion.com didn't work very well, then we also have sales @grafixnmotion.com , I find myself just giving out the personal address unless they have a business card with my email on it they don't get it right.

People like the name so it may work out for us.


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The Greatest Name Ever MPO

:Cool 2: I have always teased Ppl about this,
"If You Need A Sign Guy Real Bad, I'm A Real Bad Sign Guy"
It's A little long though
LOL I'm only kidding. :Cool 2:

Arlo Kalon 2.0

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How 'bout the word SIGNS very prominent & legible in whatever flavor font ya like, with memorable-at-a-glance phone number? Call it whatever then, the idea is for phone to ring anyway. Old timer I knew swore by A-Z Signs as his name for 40 yrs in several states. Gotta respect insistent old timer opinions.
Thanks for the help!

Hey everyone thanks for everything, some asked about my location its Mankato, mn. if others still have great ideas i'm always open for them! thanks again chad:thankyou: