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Buyer Beware of Desay Graphics On Ebay


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I recently, purchased a Master 300xp From these guys, 1 Month later machine dies the digital panel burns out. I call customer support and they want to charge me to fix the issue "saying its user caused"

Not only was I treated like a complete jackass on the phone buy there non american speaking customer service reps. I was then called a liar about the problem. They will not pay for shipping back on the product and want to charge me hourly to fix this issue.

So anyone buying this machine on ebay watch out took nine days to recieve it when I payed for next day shipping they would not refund my money either. I will never buy another product from desay.com or from them on ebay again.

Figured I would bring this to potentional new buyers and new and upcoming sign designers.


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Ebay rocks my socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well i almost bought one of those and i called before placing a bid and i am glad i did. The lady that answered the phone might speak fluent japanese but her english was for sh*t i had a few questions about parts available in a timley manner and so on and by the end of the 5 min phone call i knew i could never stand to call for tech help and deal with this so we did not buy the cheapo.


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there are several posts warning about buying a bird, cat, master or 'say machines.. Im sorry you had to relive this experience that many others have endured..


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Buy from a supplier in this country. It won't cost you more since you will get service and tech support. There are alot of good dealers that play fair. SSK, Ordway, Rayco, Beacon Graphics, SignOutlet in Illinois, Midwest, Glanz, Gregory.....why waste your time and money on crap. Buy the best software and hardware you can afford! We are professionals aren't we?


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weather I payed 20 bucks or 20,000 for it the customer is ALWAYS right even though sometimes they are wrong, but wtf could I have done to the lcd display to make it just stop working.... its simple as that there products are junk with no tech support and there customer service is horrible....

Just Me

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i Bought one of these a year ago and it paid for itself back in 2 weeks, I have ran it hard now for a year with no real problems, the only problem being it doesnt track the best. Probably would if i had the stand but I dont yet! At this price, you can't go wrong, actually cuts holographics better than my Summagraphics:wink: JSI has been great with the tech support the 2 times I have had to call.


www.ebay.com item no.290017315327
This is very common with Chinese companies. Their government has been trying for a very long time to put an end to this, as it ruins a great deal of reputations.

DeSay, like many other Chinese shoemakers, have opened up shop in Canada, and use EBay as their main venue to target American buyers. With no possibility of US intervention, the free-for-all Canadian policies (slowly changing), and EBay, the largest fraud conduit - you do not stand a chance. Many that do this feel that they are justified, claiming that they are taking advantage of American greed.

The first flag is Chinese and EBay. The second flag is that all ID's of their buyers are kept "private" (now yoy now why).

We are sorry to hear that this has happenned to you. The good thing is that it could have been much worse.

If you or anybody has the time or desire, there are places you can mail letters that might bring future relief.
I'm sorry, but their 'comparison chart' in green and red is hysterical. They advertise the ability to download it from their website is a plus... while other sites aren't...

Funny stuff.... It's a wonder the other sellers haven't freaked about that yet...


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I will be looking for a new cutter tomorrow for purchase im going to give beacon graphics a call and maybe roland direct and see what I can get into for a decent price. Funny how they can mislead us with there sales pitches and then not take responsiblity for it. If that was an american company the bbb would be all over them to shot um down.


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not to be mean, but these crap co. live by P.T. BARNUMS famous line....THERE IS A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE!
sorry you had to learn it this way.
also if it sounds to good to be true....it probably is...
i bought USED cutters ....and paid good money. my 1st was a roland PNC-1000 for $1600, in 93, then i bought 2 more since(still have them)PNC-1100 ROLANDS and they was $1000 each USED!!! and i got $600 for my used PNC-1000 when i sold it, and i imagine the guy is still usin it.
if you cant afford new, buy a GOOD brand name USED to start with.


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Gotta go with ya OP. I have a PNC1000 and wouldn't swap it for quids. Got mine for $900AUD, paid for itself several times and I'm having a ball with it.
Maybe watch ebay for a few days and see what turns up but don't buy anything that we can bag ya about, good name, good cutter.


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I may be wrong, but online/mailorder purchases must have a 30 day money back guarantee.
If you purchased it with a credit card, write the company aboout your complaint and dispute the charge with your credit card company.

Good luck,


Tim N

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I took a chance with mine and it is still running good after a year. I figured I would not be out too much if it did die on me. Only mistake I made was to buy a 48" and now I am moving into my new house and won't have alot of extra room, and wish I had bought the 24". If anyone is interested in a Desay 540xp in good condition cheap or would like to trade for a 24" let me know. I think after the move I'll end up buying a new summa.

Didn't mean to hijack btw I'll list it in the classifieds this afternoon


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Also if you paid with pay pal you can file a "not as discribed" dispute and get your money back.

I have yet to buy a dead or bad roland off ebay used. Sorry you had to go through this.



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I Called my credit card company this morning and I was told to call paypal so I will see what happens with the outcome of the sale. Hopefully I'll be sending it back and getting my money back. Thanks for your help guys


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I "heard" that if you send it back to them and get proof of delivery to them with a signature/tracking #, you can contact PayPal and tell them that you returned the item and have proof you returned it, but haven't been refunded, they will act upon it.