Caldera Barcodes and Summa Cutters


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Posted this over in digital printing but not having much joy there so thought this might be a more suitable place (apologies).

We have Caldera V12 running on a Mac and have just bought a Summa S2 160T.

I was under the impression that barcodes could be created in Caldera and then read by the cutter automatically without the need for an additional PC running Windows.

The engineer who installed the machine doesn't seem to think that's the case and instead we'd have to run a separate windows machine with Summa Barcode Server installed.

Can someone confirm please?



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I haven’t tried but if there’s not a Mac version of summa cutter control then I’d guess there’s your answer. Have you looked at their website?


It will work with caldera directly, caldera will serve the files for the Summa Cutter ... EXCEPT you have a Summa Cutter with OPOS-CAM. OPOS-CAM needs driver software integrated in Summa Cutter Control (Windows only) to work. And OPOS-CAM needs a USB-Connection, will not work over Network. Have installed and configured it several times.

Be shure to install the „Summa Postnet“ Driver at Caldera.

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Do take note that the directory of the barcode files (*.plt). It must be the same at the Summa Cutter Control Directory set.


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What Frank said is correct and you need a dedicated USB connection to make the process work. Should function right out of Caldera provided you install the Summa Postnet driver like Frank said. You might also check with Caldera to see if they have any bug fix patches that might need to be installed as well.

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