camm-1 pnc 1000?

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anybody know how to set origen on a pnc 1000.
not where it is set by sheet but by moving from origen then
setting a new origen point.
thanks gang


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on the window.......with the 4 arrows....find ORIGIN look for screen to show <R ****> or <RO****> the 1st one is for cutting from corel, 2nd is most sign prgrams.
Is it a pnc 1000, or a 1000A?

With the 1000A, you just move to where you want the new origin to be, and press 'origin' & enter or function, (I'm going from memory).
It is simple.

If using corel, it'll stop wherever it finishes-then pressing origin takes you back to the original starting point, but you can reset the origin via the keypad. It is straightforward- just play with it & try the options.

Don't forget to reset it later, back to normal though.

If it's the pnc 1000, I've not done it- never bothered with that. It was easier to turn it off & turn it on again, and do a new plot, setting up what you want in the driver/print preview.

I never did work out how to override the default 5 ft length though, (with corel) so always broke the plots into whatever was a convenient length, just a bit shorter than that.