Can I change my 6 color mutoh to 4 color


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I was wondering if I could make my 6 color prismjet run cymk instead of cymklclm?

Is there a setting in the software or hardware?

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I did the same thing with my Mimaki. I just used a setting in the software to turn them off. I use Flexi.


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i don't know about mutoh's. but the newer roland printers have options in their settings that allow it to run under different ink configurations. cmyk included. my old SC-540 didn't have this option. but like smdgrfx said, the software option provided by flexi allows me to still do cmyk prints in a cmyklclm printer. altho i had to ditch my trusty versaworks for flexi.



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Yes. Your RIP software has settings like grayscale, CYMK and CYMKLmLc.
Caution: If you let your Lm or Lc carts run dry etc. the pump may not be able to load ALL the dampers as 3 colors run off one side of the capping station.

PhotoPrint came with my Falcon Outdoor. Works great as CYMK. Check your Signwarehouse? software or which RIP do you use?


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Right now we are using flexisign 8.62.

I found a cymk profile for the orajet vinyl we are using instead of cymklclm.

That is the only mention I can find of any type of change like this.

I am worried about the heads drying out. If I keep a lc lm cart in there and do a cleaning or nozzle check every once in awhile would that take care of things?

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it should. I use cleaning carts in my lc and lm and just have correct chips in stuff wont dry out like ink will

edit different printer entirely, but...


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Cleaning Carts is a good idea never thought of that!

So as long as I am using a CYMK profile than it wont call for LC LM to print so no cleaning fluid will end up on my prints right?

This site is great! Lot of help here.


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I use flexi 10 rip and set it to cmyk simulation and left the lc and lm in the machine. This way it still stays in the machine and runs thru the line, but uses minimal ink.. If you try the ink estimation tool. try running a file with it checked off and run ink estimate then turn it back on and run ink estimation again.. Seemed to work for me.


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So I talked to signwarehouse and the tech Ron who is awesome by the way.

He says I have to install the falcon outdoor I have as a falcon outdoor junior in order for this to work. Right now in flexi the only color option for me cymk lc lm

So I installed it and it prints but now I can't get it to take the orajet icc file. Its says incompatible and it is the one I downloaded from oracal for the junior.

Without the profile my colors look like crap in the print

Any Ideas as to why it won't work?