Can I Change My Falcon Outdoor Head Myself


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I was wondering if anyone has changed these heads themselves and how hard the alignment procedure is?

I have replaced the pump wiper dampers and capping station myself but I am a little afraid of the head.

If I can't, does anyone know of a reasonably priced tech for northeast pa. Also about what the labor would be to change them. I already have the heads.



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i'd assume it's similar to an fj50 switch out. if you do have a tech come by and you see how "hard" it is to change it. you will want only want to give him about $75. it will take a novice about an hour to figure it out. later on you will be able to do it in about 30 minutes.


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i'd gladly on a busy day pay $75. i can't get a tech to even drive out my way for that. so for us country folk, it's diy or bust.


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Same problem with tech. dirt road rural area. Print head is down on mutoh falcon 46" I finally got one to come out for an air leak. $390.00 later he told me it was the head. Still out $390.00 and they won't come out and install the head or calibrate it. I don't think they want to deal with me. How do you install and calibrate head. DE-49732. I am down now and can only find 1 company that might do it. GEI... They seem high on the price for a tech. Any info on calibration?? It may be a week before I can get a tech.
Mutoh support says the manual is of no help unless you have had the Training tgo go with it??


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xray - we are in the "same boat". Cash on hand I am going to do a refurb that will include the heads and probably ink lines. The air leak issue or clogged line is first for me but my heads are way past salvageable.

Considered new printer but can't support payments on uncertain volume!?

Stay tuned...I may send you e-mails direct as progress ensues.

It can be is not rocket science. :thumb:

oh yea...have Falcon Outdoor SDMP 62 manufactured in 2005.

Steve C.

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Bradster's Head Replacement instructions are pretty much the same as the
ones I have sent to several members who have requested copies. I replaced
mine for the first time just a few months ago, and it is intimidating, but not
as hard as you may think. If you watch the Mutoh damper replacement video
found on youtube and follow that procedure for drawing ink back into the
dampers, it is not even necessary to do the head wash procedure first. The
hardest part for me was getting the heads in straight. Once I finally got them
straight, there was no need for calibration.