Need Help Can you clean Foamcore?


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I am an experienced sign maker and digital printer and I have never had to clean foamcore before but my recent foamcore deliveries have been pretty bad in terms of cleanliness. Here are the facts:
  • UV Flatbed Printing (Oce' Arizone 365 CMYK)
  • ALWAYS wearing Nitrile Gloves and nevver touch printable area
  • ONLY holding the material by the edges.
  • Foamcore is already dirty where the delivery driver has handled it.
Results: Finger prints in the print.

From the time I receive the material to the time I print I where gloves to handle the formacore. I have been wasting a lot of material lately and have called my supplier (and other suppliers) and their only recommendation is to buy a case to avoid finger prints. Obviously, whomever is pulling inventory for my orders is clearly not wearing gloves, or at least gloves that aren't clean.

I was thinking of trying something that vaporizes quickly, like denatured alcohol or acetone, but I am afraid of damaging the foamcore. Looking to see anyone has found a way of cleaning foamcore for UV printing.


Wear cotton gloves not nitrile.
Buy in packs only.
You can't clean it really as dirt gets ingrained into the paper face.

Andy D

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Are the fingerprints visible before you print, or do they show up in the ink (assuming you are UV printing)?
If it's invisible fingerprints that show up once you print, I would take a rag that
is just barely (very barely) damp with a degreaser & try cleaning in swirling motions.
Many vendors won't sell foam-board out of a case, if you insist on buying a couple of sheets at a time,
there are foam-boards that have different outer shells, other than just paper.

Johnny Best

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Is it the natural paper finish or the white clay coat finish you are having problems with, Is it Gatorboard or another brand with a plastic top like styrine. And yes buy a carton so the guys in the warehouse won't have to wear gloves.
I have had some luck using 99% alchohol and a webril cotton pads with light pressure and just damp. Staicide has also worked. I have had much luck if the foam core had a lot of grime on it