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Can you tell me which font this is?


New Member
Do you know the names of these fonts?


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Looks like they may have been fonts at some point but they've been worked over pretty well by a computer artist. If they are fonts, they aren't anything that's been in commercial release for any amount of time.

You might try browsing some of the free font sites for futuristic or Star Trek looking groups. Use our web links section here under freeware, shareware fonts as a starting point.


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You should be able to recreate.....

the top font in less than two minutes...
Also, "SIGNS" is stretched vertically.
Good Luck


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Although its not a perfect match, I think you could take Ethnocentric, and easily edit the N and F, and give the first A a slant, and close off the second A at its opening and slant it the other way.