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Car decals - New to this


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Hey all.... Joe from Bound Brook NJ.

Decided to start my own business. Decal and car graphics.

Just not sure what equipment to buy.

Found a package deal online at a reputable site.

Epson Stylus Pro 7800 Printer
Camm1 Roland 24" GX-24 Vinyl Cutter
Daige 38" Quickmount4 Laminator

Any thoughts for a newbie? I really can't afford to spend the money on anything more expensive.

Any tips for someone starting out?


high impact

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We started out with a roland pc-60 and an old Graphtec plotter. Then as business increased we kept upgrading equipment.

If you want to print and die-cut decals for cheap the roland pc-60 or pc-600 will work but the cost to print is expensive; it does put you in the market though. The edge is a much better machine but you will pay alot more for it. AND with thermal printing you really won't have much need for a laminator if your on a tight budget.

I can't see being serious and in this business without an eco-solvent or solvent printer...but prepare to shell out some big bucks then.

Good luck!!! And welcome, you've come to the right place...just pay attention - there is incredible advice and expertise here.


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Hey Joe...where you goin' with that plotter in your hand...?
Welcome to S101.
Why not just start with a plotter?
Do you think this venture will be a full-time business right away for you - or will you work into it? Store-front or home-based? Do you still have a day job?
What experience do you have? Learning the software is perhaps the biggest challenge. You can start a sign/graphics biz with hardware, but it is design skills and service that will keep you in business.
Have you operated other businesses yourself?
Not trying to rain on your parade...trying to get a feel for what you expect from this new venture.


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Thanx for the warm welcome....

I have been doing graphic design and website design for almost 10 years. The graphic end of it is covered. My wife, who will also lend a hand in this business, graduated college with a degree in Illustration, Graphic Arts etc....

I have provided web design services and website maintenance to Fire Departments and Police Departments for several years. These type of organizations require vehicle/window decals on a regular basis and Firefighters LOVE customized decals for their gear, apparatus and personal vehicles. This is just one of the many audiences out there that I am going to target. I will pursue other areas eventually.

Thanx again for your warm welcome!