CET xpress 1000! issues


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So we purchased this flatbed printer about a month and a half ago

ISSUES daily

there are constant head misfires. white ink is a daily nightmare.
(and dont preach to me on how to maintain white ink not my first rodeo!!)

prints good when it wants too. have had the head board replaced 3 TIMES in less then two months!!!!!
reset the negative pressure no help. THE PC IT CAME WITH BLUE SCREEN CRASHES DAILY!
STATIC IS A MAJOR ISSUE on styrene and Corroplast

Im using the ricoh heads and advantage 60 series inks!

please help me get this thing RUNNING havent sold a single sign of this.

the few times ive actually been able to get a print out of it its BEEN A AMAZING MACHINE
4x8s in less then 5 MIN full coverage WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I dont know much about the CET printers specifically or why you have replaced the head boards so many times. As for the dropouts and negative pressures can you adjust the negative air pressure via a precision air regulator? Does your machine have one? Static sucks. I assume youre cleaning the sheets and then having static issues right? What we do (works most of the time) either dont clean the sheets or if they need it, clean with ISA and then saturate with water to cut the static. You can dry the water off but I wouldnt dry it all the way maybe let it air dry. ISA cuts moisture and when youre buffing it out all your doing is adding friction to a dry sheet= static. Room control is of course extremely important but we all have our bad days.


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static trick

our print guy found that simply laying dryer sheets about 12" apart NO WIPING was the way to go. wiping made a mess no matter what technique is used. just laying them down gently and letting them sit there pulled off the charge with minimal labor while the previously
de-static-ed sheet was printing worked best.


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ya i dont know why ive had it replaced so many times either our advantage tech and cet support havent been able to get it resolved cet says one neg. pressure setting and advantage says another and when both have came neither have resolved the misfiring during runs it will do things like the magenta head will stop firing. it def something electrical when i switched my white head data cables the issue followed the slot and then the opposite head fired correctly..

and as far as static i learned all that from the dinosaur gerber ion and the humidity of being in texas will try the dry sheets never heard of that one


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I will have to try the dryer sheets. Do you still have the boards? Maybe you could send them in to get repaired to one of those circuit board repair companies. Its possible if they find out whats wrong with the board than you could attempt to determine the cause.