Changing dates on printed banners


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I have a customer that is ordering 6 over the street printed banners and would like to change the date and location each year and use the banners for several years. They only go up for about a week per year. Normally I would just leave a black white spot for the date and put that on in vinyl so I can peal it off and change it next year. The problem with this one is the customer designed it where the entire background is a photo and the date an location are in white.

I know putting vinyl lettering over ink is a bad idea. I am going to recommend to the customer to have us coat the banners with clearshield since they will be used multiple times and the city will be hanging them and they tend to be really rough on banners. Is it possible to apply vinyl letters over clearshield and remove them after without affecting the ink underneath? Also wasn't sure if the vinyl would even stick to clearshield? I know I could use a film laminate and vinyl over that but I don't think film laminate works well over scrim material. Any other suggestions on changing the date and location on these?



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It's very simple, I do it all the time. When it's time to change the date, change it on the original artwork and print just the rectangle that contains the changed information. New date, any existing background, whatever. Use banner tape around the edge of the patch and , if the patch is large enough, maybe a strip down the middle, and stick the patch to the existing banner. The patch is well nigh invisible from just a couple of feet away. Don't worry about Clear Shield, it will stick to that just as well as any other surface.