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Need Help Channel Letter Installation Price


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Looking for any advice on pricing out installation only on channel letters. I typically fabricate and install my own channel letters and include installation with the entire price. There is an out of state sign shop that wants to ship me channel letters and would like me to price out the installation only. I've heard of other local sign shops in my area charging anywhere from 350.00 to 1,200.00 per install. The signs i would be installing are regular single story shopping centers. Sign would go above main entrance, flush mounted, roughly 20 inch letters that read PERFECT BIKES with a 24 inch logo box. Thought i'd reach out and see what others are charging. Any input would be appreciated, thanks!


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Is there a permit for this?
Travel time + installation time (number of employees) + any materials


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Im usually at 1200-1500 considering the use of a bucket, getting permit and electrical is already there. Some shops around here are lower but wont get to it for weeks. Knowing that I'm higher I will get to it when it fits the customer's schedule.


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Sounds like about a 4 to 5 hour instal, plus travel time and time spent with 3rd party for explaining and time with the end-user for discussions. So, maybe all total 8 hours. What do you need to keep your doors open for 8 hours and stay profitable ?? According to some on this site, it depends where you live, so, hence why I asked, what YOU need to keep YOUR doors open.

Good luck.