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Cheap Wall Vinyl

Christian @ 2CT Media

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That's a lexjet product they use, it's a fabric product if I remember right.

Secondly why would you want to compete with that nonsense? $1/sqft is not worth even loading the media unless you are running 100s of these a day with a near automated process


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i need something similar, but will laminate so it is washable
convenience store wallpaper, will print a logo or theme. suggestions?


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What are you guys using for large 10' x 10' wall vinyl prints or "peel n' stick" wallpaper. I've got a few dirt cheap vinyls I can use but some of these online shops are SO low...


Needing a 60" roll width, and ideally $100 for 150'. One of my suppliers is pretty close but wondering if anyone else has some input.

What machine are you using? I have some 60" Adhesive Wall Fabric on special for $150 on 60"x75' and I don't think its possible to get anything at a better price than that. I only have 2 rolls left though.

Stacey K

I like making signs
I don't charge $1 a square foot LOL They get charged the same as they would for any other cash and carry vinyl lettering decal including set-up if it's more than a few minutes. Some people are OK with that, some people laugh at me.