Chinese Printers and Cnc equipment


Just posting and shouting out two reputable Chinese companies that we’ve been doing business with if anyone else was in the market for a Chinese printer. It was hard finding them and you really don’t know who to trust when looking to buy something like this. For both purchases we went to China and inspected ourselves.

We’ve also been getting our material in bulk from a supplier called Unisign. The quality of the material was top tier. I was surprised at how much better it was than the shipments we get in from grimco.

We’ve had our Gbos cnc laser for over 4 years now with no issues. Great support staff and very helpful. With good English speakers.

Landed the machine was around $9,000. Where we would’ve paid around $40,000 for the same thing.

We’ve also had our MuTech 3.2m eco solvent printer and our 1.5m Textile printer with oven for about a year and a half now with no issues. Although I want to strangle their support staff half the time. The machine is sturdy and works as it supposed to.

Both machines ran me into around $68,000. Where we would’ve paid around $100,000.
Engineering on this machine is not elegant at all but its smart and does what it supposed to do.

If anyone else was looking for insight into going to China like we were for a decent machine those two companies worked out great for us.


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good to know
i am tempted to buy one of the "can"t be fixed" gerber sabres on ebay when one pops up

i have never had any fear of tackling a project like this

how many hours a week is your cnc in use?


We do light engraving work. We mostly got it to cut paper invitations and pop ups. I’d say around 5-10 hours a week. We do regular maintenance and change our service parts as needed. We’ve actually had a spare laser tube in the back that we’ve never had to open for the past four years. Spare service parts as well. It’s just a reliable device.