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chiropractic emblem


New Member
anyone know where we might be able to find a vector chiropractor emblem?

i have searched the web and nothing of use, i can't get a descent enough starting point to trace it either

not looking for anything free, not even sure if technically i can reproduce it, but the doc came in and wants it on his sign

any help or direction would be appreciated


New Member
i have corel X3, and the old corel 8 clipart disks, looking through there, the version i am looking for is not there

this the the guy with wings and a ribbon wrapping around him


New Member
I have this royaly free one with the "guy with wings and a ribbon". PM me and I'll send it to ya......:wink:



New Member
I have one I created for a local chiro place. Took forever to find anything, and what I did find was not what they were after. You will have to change it up a bit but if is what you are after PM me...


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