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cincin font help needed


New Member
I have a client who needs me to cut their phone number & web address today in the font cincin.

They emailed me the font in reply to my request for the typesetting of these 2 items, but it is a mac font.

Does anyone have this font?
or is there a PC version?

I have the mac font if someone wants to load it up & set the type for me (I know thats a lot to ask, but I'm hoping one of the easier scenarios will pan out)

I already searched google for cincin & cincin font but only got a million & one things about cincinatti. When I tried cincin-font I got nothing. I tried cincin download, I did find a free cincinnatus font... but alas... it is not the same.

what it looks like is almost everything on this site:

what I need if some is able & willing to typeset it is:

(808) 871-6116


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Your best solution is to have it converted to a PC font. I can do it for you but won't be in my office until Tuesday where I have my Mac with Fontographer installed on it. If you can wait until then, put the font in a WinZip file and email it to me.

BTW, the font should come in two parts (if it is a Type 1). A common mistake with Mac fonts is to just send the screen font suitcase and not include the vector outline file. If it is a TrueType then it will just be one file, but most Mac fonts are Type 1.


New Member
Thanks Fred, Don Coplen made me the same offer before I saw your post & he converted it with fontographer also. It was a true type font, so I was in luck with the one file I had recieved from my client. I'll have to look into that software myself... seems pretty handy.

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
Fontographer is a pretty old program. Version 4.1.5 dates back to October of 1996, at least that's the read me date Macromedia provided with the Freehand Graphics Studio 7 suite when they took over distribution of the app from Altsys.

On the bright side, FontLab Ltd. recently purchased the rights to distribute Fontographer. You can buy version 4.1.5 from them. But they are working on an update that will incorporate OpenType functions into FOG.