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I have a customer who wants me to letter his wagon. I am going to letter the canvas top and the side of the wagon itself. I have found many pictures of wagons that are lettered , but the pictures are so small or such poor quality I can't really tell what kind of font they used back then. So if anyone has done any Civil War era reproduction work I would appreciate some guidance.

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Most all of those fonts are distressed in one fashion or another. They all started out as a base font that will be easier for you to start with and I'm sure that if you find something you like on that site, there are many here that can help you further along. It sounds like a fun project you have there. It would be real nice to see pics of the finished project!


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I did a repro wagon last year. It had to look like what they had (there was a rough print of an old lithograph)

Waldenfonts which Rex recommended has some good Civil War era fonts.
There are also a few freebies on and some for purchase.

There are some vintage posters on this site, you have to click the names individually to see them. Here too.

Here are a few pix of the wagon I painted. It is what it was supposed to look like, but not what I liked.


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