What precautionary measures should be taking before shipping this unit....I know it's got to be crated and shipped by truck, what about the unit....itself?

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In the manual there is a section on cleaning out the ink lines and removing ink carts etc. for shipping.

I did have a FJ 42 shipped to me with inks still in place and nothing major done to it but it had already sat for many months and some carts were dried out. If the unit is only in transit for a week it's not as big of a deal. I don't think it will ever get tipped on its side once crated propper.

Do make sure the head is locked in place with the bar that screws down beside the head carriage. If you don't have the bar or plate that goes there make sure you do something to hold the head from sliding around.

Remove the drain bottle lid from the underside as it can break if left in place.

If you do drain the lines (which is best) make sure that once you take out the ink carts that you put some tape over the ink hole and bag each separate in a zip lock bag. If you don't have a refillable cart to use to flush each line then you might not be able to clean out the lines unless you buy a kit or borrow a refill cart.