CJ500 service manual or guide?


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Hi Guys,

I've owned a CJ500 for the last year, I use it for textile printing with pigment inks in our kiteboard production. I was purchased second hand from a sign shop.

I've been having a few issues with the prints this week, and I think I might need to give it a service.

Does anyone have a service guide for this machine - what to clean, how to clean it, what to replace etc?


Dave Kay

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I have been fooling with my new to me CJ 500 and just got it printing real nice and am very happy with it. A service manual is a must to replace and allign heads etc. I have a pdf but it's 3.24 MB so not sure if it will email easily. Other option is to send on a disk. Send a private message with your email address.

What kind of issues are you having?