CJV150-130 printing on reflective


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Can someone who owns one of these machines tell me what profile or settings they use to print on reflective vinyl. As of now it seems they still don't
have a profile for this. I've try a lot of settings but it's still printing like **** on it. Any help is appreciated. FYI I'm using Rasterlink 6 and ES3 inks on this one.
I use one of the generic calendared vinyl profiles on alot of the stuff I print. I do alot of printing on 3M reflective for police vehicle work with excellent results. Hope this helps. Once I get back to my shop I can give you the exact one if you like.


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Hey Ciggy, I use ss21 inks but, if you have similar profiles here's what I use. Orafol 3109G-010 profile on 720 x 720 12 pass. We only print black on this job but, after messing around this is the lowest/fastest setting that still produces a good quality. Hope it helps.


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Probably a silly question but is your reflective printable? Some reflective media is only designed for cutting and applying it needs to have a coating on it for successful digital printing - that's my understanding anyway. Otherwise the ink will not adhere and the results are worthless.

Using SS21 inks we print successfully onto this material Kiwa 2600 Series Class 2 Engineer Grade Reflective - HVG Graphics which is cheaper than the 3M equivalent. That's using a standard Avery Polymeric SAV icc profile.