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clear vinyl and overlam


New Member
Very new here and new the printing game.
Can someone tell me all the differences between clear vinyl and over laminate and if either can replace the other at times?
Thank you

Sindex Printing

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I have printed on both for me the ink stuck better the the clear vinyl. I honestly could have spent more time building a correct profile for the laminate. I have used laminate and it worked just fine


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A good laminate has uv protection to protect your printed graphics. A clear vinyl won't have that.

You can print on a laminate... We've done it lots. Is there a difference? Well... Some clear vinyl has special adhesive like control tac that allows you to reposition the vinyl. Laminate is always an aggressive glue.

You can interchange... But it's got its downfalls. In a pinch it works though.


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I have on occasions printed on lam. The backing paper is much thinner than most vinyls adding heat will cause buckling or even tunneling, depending on the brand. 2ml lam is great to print on I must admit.


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printing on lam is ok they are both vinyl so will accept the same inks. the real difference is going to be in the adhesive. lam i believe has more of an optically clear adhesive that regular clear vinyl. as already stated "Simply put, you can print on lam but you wouldn't want to use the vinyl as a lam."