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Colors not matching UCVJ300


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I design in Flexi or Corel, RIP & Print in Rasterlink and send to UCJV300. I find my colors are quite often incorrect. Red turns orange, light blue turns into teal green. Any ideas?


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Printing using the same profile, same media, 12 pass & bi-directional. My co-worker designs in Corel, publishes as a PDF and I bring into Flexi and print through Rasterlink.


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Are you comparing the colors to the colors on your computer screen or to published standards like a Pantone swatch? Is your monitor calibrated?


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Im not the best one to follow but try in corel to export to pdf, on color tab: check embed color profile, use document color settings, output colors as native. Check what canned profile youre using in rasterlink too. If its still off try mimaki gpvc profile and see what you get as a baseline. I dont think this will get you dead on but should be much closer.


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I would print out a Pantone color chart using the profile of your choice. Then select the Pantone color that best fits your job from the color chart you previously printed. As long as you bring the file into RasterLink as CYMK you can you the color replacement function in RasterLink to input the CYMK values for the color you have selected from the printed chart.


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Have you profiled your machine yourself? Or do you use standard profiles delivered with the software or from the media vendor?


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We printed a red file orange on the UCJV300-160 today. The file was designed in RGB. When we converted it into CMYK in Adobe, it printed to color (red). Not sure if this helps but it worked for us under similar circumstances.


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Fact: Printing of RGB color way different then printing converted from RGB to CMYK in any graphic software (Corel, Adobe etc.) through the (any color profile)
Step #1 Made the color swatch print for all type of materials you have to use in shop. Put the exact numbers of RGB and CMYK below each color square in swatch grid. This is the base should be in every print shop.
Step #2 If in the workflow, by some reasons, you use pretty long chain of software/color profiles/export operations, the best way to find at what point your color going wrong way start from the end of chain - RIP. In your particular case this chain is: Corel - PDF - Flexi - RasterLink. So you can rasterize the file after the Flexy in Photoshop (under generic Adobe RGB color profile) and check the color numbers of Red Color by Color Picker tool. Then you go to Color Swatch Grid you did in Step #1 and check how far you from color you need. If color wrong so go to check previous Exporting step. IN your case it is PDF. Rasterize PDF in Photoshop and repeat the Step #2. In case you find the victim software ...
Step #3 Let's imagine that your wrong working export is Corel... So now you can ask for more professional help from Corel professionals about: what color profile better use on PDF Export.