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Comic Sans vs. Tekton

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
On a different thread there is currently a discussion of the pros and cons of the font MS Comic Sans. In looking at the font, I was struck by how closely it looks to a very popular font from Adobe named Tekton Bold.

Tekton was one of the first fonts to be patterned after someone's handwriting and was on Adobe's top 10 best seller list for many years.

I, personally, don't use Comic Sans, Arial, or Times unless I have to simply because everyone with a Windows computer has them, so they've become very common.


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Yeah your right Fred, they do look similar. They have the same stroke weight and rounded edges. You get the same feel looking at both fonts.

Tekton looks more "professional" because of its straight vertical allignment and they have a nice extended round tip at the end of strokes, consistent throughout the typeface.

Comic is allot more casual and loose. Like a kid drew it up. Hence why if and when i use it (rarely), i like it for kids. Toys, Candy, Mall events for children ect ...

I dont use any of these fonts very often. They just dont look good for professional bisness applications (unless the subject is in the above examples mentioned).

For a more corporate look and still keeping a less stiff feel, a block typeface with rounded end strokes look good. ie: Helvetica rounded and such.

Just my .02$ :rolleyes:


Certified Enneadecagon Designer
I use Tekton but the Regular, not the bold, for all my drafting notes. I don't think I have ever used it on a sign. I have used Comic Sans for some kiddy banner, it worked for what I needed it it for, but don't know if I'll ever use it again.....(at least I hope not)


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Cool! A font section. I like it! :biggrin:

but I agree about comic sans and tekton. They look pretty dopey. I have used comic sans....and yep it was for a daycare. They requested it, along with all the other daycares in the world.:rolleyes:

Small Lettering

I just used Tekton on a layout yesterday. For listing menu type items, as shown, I think it's well suited. And in this case, I don't think Comic Sans would have flowed as well.



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Dale Horn

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Looks OK, but weeding large quantities of those small letters would be a pain - something customers don't seem to appreciate until they have to do it. Looks like it's a one-off this time.


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Comic Sans and Tekton would look good for Day Care. I've used Jester before for a childrens fire prevention trailer. All the letters had different colors. Reminds of the two fonts above. Why is Jester listed as a script font in my Signlab book?


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Because, to many who classify fonts, any font which emulates the look of lettering written by the human hand is a script.


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Here is a sign i did a few years back using Comic sans serif. I dont remember the name of the other font used.


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Dave Drane

New Member
The other font is called "Expo". I love it and use it quite a bit as a retro style font because it tweaks really well and you can do so much with it as you have done in the sign you have shown. Very snappy, I like it a lot, good work :cool1:


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I like the look of Tekton on the Salon Sign but get a load of the price of a hair cut!! My hometown Barber is $13 with tip. lol