Company Truck Wrap Design

I made some changes from what I posted before, It's not quite all done yet but let me know what you guys think.



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The grunge on the bottom makes the truck look like its dirty. Maybe try using the pattern thats in the black half instead.

Otherwise I really like it. Very nice.


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the logo looks good lower, but the background in the first one looked better, if the gray is making it look dirty. for the splats go with the blue thats in the logo . or a lighter blue. maybe a light magenta this way you will have try color combo.


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Like the others said, I like the first one...clean and easy to read.
The second one to me now looks dirty with the green grunge graphics.

Craig Sjoquist

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likes the 1st one
instead of lowering logo... keeping the .com same size and position kern decrease size of fierce wraps with a possible bevel with green your using

yes it's clean and readable up close but a 1/2 block away worthless other then color
I do like your design/layout awesome really ...but unreadable at a distance

excuse I learned in sign school ... if you want to make look really nice ya bring the letters close together .. easy to do in print advertising works great

if you want it to be read and remembered ... you start at making it readable for billboard 1st by kerning the letters for equal and more space between letters

you can punch out the main copy with a bevel, shade, convex, blend what have you
just my 2 cents