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computer help


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I'll try to explain my problem.....
In my flexi software I have encountered a problem (sorta), and irritation for sure. When I click on a graphic or text and drag it with my mouse, it moves in incriments or gitters (actually shakes like its in a major earthquake). This drives me crazy.

It dosen't do it in every file (seems like every NEW file) It can be just a 10" x 20" word, or a major complex graphic. I can open an old file and its as smooth as ever (size dosn't matter)

what I have done.....
I have downloaded all updates for windows and my virus software and scanned the entire system. I have downloaded adaware spyware and ran that. I've checked my task manager and it was running about 2%-4% cpu usage while in my software (nothing else was running).

anyone have any ideas?


myabe it has "snap to grid" or "snap to ..." in Layout on? that may make it moves from grid to grid


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Dennis and exsign.......... THANK YOU, THANK YOU , THANK YOU. (send your bill)

"snap to" it was. How would that change its settings by itself? I've never used that.

Whit, I thought about the ram also.....thank goodness it was something simple this time.

thanks for all your quick replies.
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