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Contour Cut In Flexi 7.6 With Graphtec Ce3000-40


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This is the first post I have made here.
I am having major problems. I cannot get cutter back to cutting correct contour drawings.
I will try to explain in detail so bear with me.
The cutter is a Graphtec ce3000-40 I am using flex 7.6 v2.
I contour cut my design and load it in production manager through rip and print.
I use Graphtec style 2, 3-point registration marks.
When I get the registration marks read on auto registration, and it starts to cut the cut is at an angle and is skewed.
Above drawing is how it cuts.
I have tried several things but can’t seem to figure out how to change the adjustment for this.
I have reset the cutter back to default settings.
Any advice, help, or anything would be greatly approached.
You can reach me through this forum and at e-mail ron4237@bellsouth.net


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Others using the same hardware-software configuration may be of more help... but for those of us who don't have the same set-up... can you give more clues as to the registration mark detection process?

I've seen a few errent plots in my time... but since I started using Flexi for a print-cut system. I've not seen something that looked so completely unpredictable or inexplicable.

On my Mimaki, the print puts down 4 marks. Then the cutter is manually aligned in the vicinity of the first corner. It then goes on to locate 2, 3 or 4 marks based on my selected settings (I use 3)

You mentioned 3-point marks. Does that mean marks in 3 corners.

Does your Graphtec actually find the correct 3 marks and then fail so miserably to cut even remotely close to what it should? If so, that's bizarre for sure. If not... when does it start to go awry? Is it missing the marks? On my system, it won't start a cut if it didn't find the marks.

The other odd thing... if your drawing is correct, not only does it tweak your shape out of square... but is the orgin point really off by that far?


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The registration mark detection works the same as the Mimaki JV-3. I was in half partnership
with someone else and we went in together and bought a Mimaki, after a year of together we parted company and he bought my part out on the Mimaki.
The registration marks I can use are 2-point with bomb sight marks  CONTOUR CUT TEST=bomb sight=jpg.jpg
4-point bomb sight marks……………3-point mark like Mimaki  CONTOUR CUT TEST lines for signs101 jpg.jpg
4-point marks like Mimaki  CONTOUR CUT TEST lines for signs101 jpg2.jpg All in the corners like Mimaki.
I manually align in the vicinity of the first corner, then the optical eye reads the next marks.
I am using 3 marks type 2, I can use type 1 which are the same just flipped like Mimaki.
The marks are in the corners. The cutter finds the marks just fine but cuts the image miserable.
I inserted an image of how it cuts CONTOUR CUT TEST lBUCKY for signs101 jpg.jpg
The drawing I am using is one I used that cut just fine a few months ago. I got sick and have not done any contour cutting for a while, but have used flexi for just cutting vinyl.
I have removed Flexi from my computer and made a clean install, because I thought I may have made an adjustment on something and I forgot about it. I have set the origin point correct, I thought it may be off.
If you need any more explination I will be happy to try and explain even more.


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With my CE3000Mk2 cutter I print 4 "L" Graphtec registration marks. The RIP I use prints on the vinyl the distance between the X and Y marks. After the cutter finds the marks, the cutter display will show the "actual" distance. I change distance to what is printed on the vinyl and that adjust for the skew in reloading the vinyl.