Contour cutting


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When contour cutting.

Why does the program need at least 3 ft on the end of a job?
This is a real pain in that you must plan on runnnin out this extra footage on every coutour job. This is a waste because many times a contour job could be done with scraps material. But only if there is at least 3 extra feet on it.

Personally I cannot see the need to run out this much material. People have to attach some kind of carrier to make up for this run out.
Would you explain how you are contour cutting, and with what equipment. When I contour cut on our CG-130FX, all I need is about 2 inches extra. Post a little more information and someone here should be able to help you.


Same here .. I dont understand ... I contour cut and i only have to have 2-3 inches extra. Look at your settings.