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Cool gizmo of the day


New Member
Western Digital is selling an external drive that plugs into your ethernet, and is accessed over your network. Best Buy's got 'em right now for $150ish.

Just installed it for my upstairs computer, and looks like it's going to be a great file sharing resource. I'm basically going to keep three backups. Image of computer A, image of computer B, and image of this thing...

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
We've had a 200 GB for about 3 years now. Replaced our NT server with it. The NT had declined to nothing but a file server anyway and took a lot more space.

We've been very pleased with it.


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Okay. I feel inadequate.
don't feel too bad... it was probably mis-priced at $120.
Even today Staples.com shows it as $169, and these things have been coming down in price since last spring.

I have two 300 gig Network attached storage (NAS) devices that I got last year. This quarter, I just exceeded the capicity of one (& was using the other for redundant off site storage) ...so I just got 2 of the 500 gig Western Digital "MyBook" external devices. They are not a true NAS, but I just mapped the drive on the network, so I can search my 10 year collection of data from any workstation just the same.

I may end up selling one of my SimpleTech 300 gig units, but the other will be for a ghost of every workstation, & I may consider getting my many clip art collections on there like you suggested.