Coordinating Edge to Graphtec plotter?

Imminent Death

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Is it possible to coordinate an Edge Machine to a Graphtec plotter? Our HS15 plotter tied to our Edge took a dump on us and we need to be able to plot from it. Any ideas or suggestions?

Bill Modzel

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If you can print up the 4 corner registration marks that the Graphtec needs, why not?
It would depend more on what software your driving your Graphtec with.
We can screen print registration marks and cut out the graphic using Graphtec's Cutting Master plug in.


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I've done it on my FC7000 when doing perf cuts, but you lose an inch of graphic area adding crop marks so the amazing 11.8 inches all the sudden becomes 10.8. =\


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call the plotter doctor he might be able to help you on solving youre problem with youre gerber plotter,and theres one on the for sale post on this site

Dane DeFord

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Check the classified in this forum...Devries has a Gerber GSX for sale for $750.00. I think instead of messing around trying to make gerber and graphtec "get along", I'd be looking at going that route. Hope you get it figured out.