copper metallic paint


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I have a customer that I'm working with that is requesting copper metallic type of paint for longterm letters. Would be applied to aluminum. Hand brushed or automotive sprayed doesn't matter, but they're wanting longterm . I'm a bit stumped.


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cut out of copper sheet and cleared and adhered for "long term".

or possibly a faux ano or powdercoat solution? they got some pretty amazing faux metal powdercoating now.

Craig Sjoquist

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Agrees with Pro Wraps.. a lot depends on what brands you can get and willing to work with.

Ronan's Aquacote makes some awesome Metallica's

Do you have scenic or faux supply ?


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Copper...Long term, exterior.......Automotive paint is the only way to go. Dodge used a very nice copper metallic on pickups a few years ago. Anything else will eventually change color or tarnish even with a good clear coat.


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Look at LuminOre and/or Sophisticated Finishes. I've never personally used LuminOre but I've seen it in action and it's very cool. Not cheap, but it's a great look. We used to use a lot of Sophisticated Finishes products and they always gave us good results. I've got some signs out using their bronze colors that still look new after 5+ years. Never used a copper from them so I can't say first hand how it looks or holds up though.


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House of Kolor makes a nice one too. It's also sold by some places ready to spray. is one place that sells small amounts, ready to spray.


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if you want longterm your talking of nothing but automotive, no ronan or one shot crap, simply put it would be the easiest. basecoat clearcoat or single stage would suffice