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Cor 9 cant send single word to cutter


New Member
I have cor ver 9 and want to send a simple text or clipart from cor to the cutter.. now it just sits there doing nothing. If I draw hairline boxes around my clipart, it will cut the boxes only.
I have tried importing clipart, open clip art, just trying a simple word "HELLO", convert to curves and send to cutter and still nothing.
What am I not doing right?:Oops:
I have read every thread and no one has posted about this and I am lost!


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Is this the first time you have tried to cut from Corel? If so, you may need to make sure you have an HPGL driver for your plotter installed, that it's set as the default printer (or you select it manually) and that the plotter is actually in communication with your computer.

Give us a little/lot more info on what you're trying to attempt, what you've done so far, what plotter you have, how it's hooked up etc.

We're here, we're willing to help, we just need more.


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Ok I removed the Fill and then I couldnt see the text... so I out lined the text!!!

Got that to finally cut! Now to try the clip art!:thumb:


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Roland SX-15 Set as default printer. Trying to learn Correl so I dont have to use Dr.Sticka as it looks like I can do alot more in Correl!!
I use to be able to cut but I am thinking I must have turned off the out lines because at the bottom of my screen it has an X in the fill and outline boxes.
I appreciate all the help!!


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Okay trixie you've hit my forte.
I cut direct from Corel9 on a Camm1 CX24. No bridges, no other software !
Here's a quick how-to..... You need a printer driver from your CD or Roland website.
2/ parralel cable connected to LPT 1 (printer driver option right click in MY COMPUTER > CONTROL PANEL > PRINTERS FOLDER > ROLAND )
3/ Set Roland as default printer, now right click on any other printer and PAUSE PRINTING.
4/ Set Corel page size to 1.1 inch less than material width + set length of choice.
5/ Fill or no fill dont matter but you must use the default hair line outline on all text and objects as this is what the plotter recognises. Marquee select whole graphic and set that hairline.
6/ Hit PRINT ! and settings dialogue box opens, now set the sizes / orientation and have a PRINT PREVIEW........ look okay ? yes ? go back and print it !
7/ Note beware that you set to print current page only NOT ! all pages. Don't forget a weedbox.
Final you're up and cutting from Corel I hope PM me, if I've left anthing out or still have a problem. Get rid of Dr Stika, it's as useless as teats on a bull. Later I'll post directions for easy weed lines, when I have time to draw an example.


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Up and cutting words!!! Thanks!

Well of all the little tips and tricks passed on to me..I found out that my words had no outlines!! They had fills but not the required hair line out line to cut!!
I'd rather use correl verses Dr.Sticka because theres alot more you can use in the program.
So to any other newbies reading this and about ready to pull your hair out..make sure your word or graphic has the OUT LINE !!
Theres 2 boxes in your lower right hand corner of the screen: Fill and out line.. Fill can have a X in it but your out line needs to be colored in order for you to be able to cut.
To everyone who sent replies private and on board to help :U Rock:
All your help is appreciated!