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Corel 12 - minimized files - file names

When you have several files open but they are minimized on the corel desktop, in Corel 8, if you held the cursor over the minimized file a dialog box would come up and tell you the file name.

In 12, When I have several files minimized, I have to max each file to tell which file it is. My 12 version does not show the dialog box with the file name.

Is there anyway to change this?????


Tony Teveris

New Member
Corel 12 Minimize

Jerry it seems to work for me fine. If I place the cursor over the "title" portion of the minimized "title bar" the full name shows up, over the "title bar" buttons just says "restore up, maxamize and close" As far as I can see my setup is the stardard install w/ no custom changes.