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corel 12

dennis j

New Member

According to what I have read the biggest thing with Corel 12 is that it will not work on any operating system older than Windows 2000. In doing this the program is supose to be smaller and more stable.

I upgraded to 12 because I purchased the 11 upgrade and 30 days later they came out with 12 was able to upgrade for around $25.00 so I figured what the heck. :biggrin:

grahame belton

New Member
yes that is right. i downloaded it from corel only to find that it said i needed xp to work it. i use corel 11 now. had a look at 12 but it doesn't have enough to make me want to upgrade right now


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Corel 12 is great. They added a lot of drawing features that you find in CAD programs. Autofeature recognition works suprisingly well. You sketch a circle and it converts to a real circle. The program recognizes 20 different sketched objects.



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I got it, and i love it, Faster , much faster.. have not one single blue screen or crash or lockup.

Then I got some free kai's power tool plugins too. All of it great.

Glad i got it.



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The best thing I've found about 12 is the import filters are a lot better. There are also gravity settings which help when drawing freehand as the lines can be set to auto lock to certain section- mid point, centre etc.

The RAVE animation hasn't really changed since v10.

As the previous poster mentioned 12 is less prone to crashing and zips along much faster.

I have got Corel Designer 10 as well which is very much like Draw but is designed for more precise work (I use it for creating DXF files for output on CNC).

On the whole 12 is probably worth the upgrade price :)


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I may be ignorant of older features but I did discover that Corel 11 (and thereby 12) has a multiple import feature which works great to create my own thumbnail catalogs of clip art.

I use Photoshop to automatically create jpeg thumbnails of all the .eps and .ai files.
Corel then makes it a breeze to make a thumbnail catalog. Especially when using Corel to create a PDF mini tailored catalog that I can e-mail for a customer to browse.

In Photoshop -

file/automate/web photo gallery

I know there are other programs out there that can do this and I'd like to hear more about them.

Having a billion vector files is not worth diddly when I can't find the vector I need quickly. One exception is: www.brandsoftheworld.com where I can get great .eps files ready to cut of thousands of logos instantly (with broadband). I haven't wasted time using a LOGO CD for months!

Barry :thumb:


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ok, after you make the file in photoshop,, how do ya do the pdf thing in corel.. Please?? tell me???????????????

i need to know



New Member
Tech Man note sure if you just want to make a pdf but you can do that directly from Adobe Photoshop without the need to export or open the file in coreldraw. All you need to do is choose Save As and then the Photoshop pdf option